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Serving you is a pleasure

  • « Build to entrench in the human civilisation» is well engraved in our opinion and our perspectives. This concept has been obviously characterizing our led activities in the construction field since the 80s.
  • At the national level, Neifar Construction Group has conducted turnkey big scale projects which are mainly 5 stars hotels, residential complexes, and high standing offices.
  • The progressive expansion of the group business portfolio, on the one hand, and the concern to maintain developing the quality of the undertaken projects on the other hand, are major reasons for the GNC to create the new company of plumbing and air conditioning « SONOCLIM. » and Houcine Outlet of Building Materials « CHMC ».
  • Endowed with this fruitful, and meaningful experience, as well as high ethical and professional beliefs, GNC has exported its services, since the 2000s, to the neighboring Libyan country .This opening up on the foreign market is ensured through the company « Libyan Tunisan joint-stock Company for General Contracts » to generate later on the company of technical studies and that of export import respectively named « SONEB International » and « El Houcine International Trade Company ». GNC has conducted, on the libyan territories, projects which are both specific and prestigious and that include among others, a tour, hospitals and hotels.
  • In the light of the technological progress and the development of technical specifications as well as the regulatory acts of construction, the Neifar Construction Group strongly beliefs that counting on the skills of its human resource potential and on its continuous upgrading is imperative to well deserve endorsing its signature in important and considerable projects.
  • Your expectations, as important as our goals and expectations, are to be achieved for our architectural and construction footprints to be left in the human civilisation.
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